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<img src="copertina.jpg" alt="my favotite sonny">

Lello Scassa Quintet - "My favorite Sonny" - 1992 L.S. Productions,Inc.LSCD-5114-9

My favorite Sonny (L.Scassa)
Penny saved (B.Broom)
You (S.Rollins)
Sonny side up (Y.Masuo)
No problem (S.Rollins)

Sister (S.Rollins)
Let's start the new year right (I.Berlin)

<img src="copertina.jpg" alt="plays himself">

Lello Scassa Sextet - "Plays himself" - 1994 M.A.P. Musical Editions L.T. CD 0104

Tim's pal (L.Scassa)
Pent blues (L.Scassa)
Samui island (L.Scassa)
Fast lane (L.Scassa)
Sonny's best friend (L.Scassa)

Sunset cruise (L.Scassa)
Calypso adriatico (L.Scassa)

<img src="copertina.jpg" alt="live at trio>

Lello Scassa Quartet - "Live at Trio " - 1997 L.S. Productions,Inc.LSCD-5114-9
recorded live at Trio cafè P.Vallarta Mexico

My favorite Sonny (L.Scassa)
Blue Monk (T.Monk)
S.Thomas (S.Rollins)
Garota de Ipanema(C.Jobim)
No problem (S.Rollins)
Besame mucho (Velasquez)

<img src="copertina.jpg" alt="the art of the ballad">

Lello Scassa Quartet - "The art of the ballad" - 1999 Newk Sound Productions,Inc.NSCD-2

Sophisticated lady (D,Ellington)
But beautful (J.Van Heusen)
I can't get started (I.Gershwin)
The nearness of you (H.Carmicael)
Everything happens to me (M.Dannis)

My one and only love (G.Wood)
Day by day (S.Cahn)

<img src="copertina.jpg" alt="standards">

Lello Scassa Quintet - "Standards" - 2000 Newk Sound Productions,Inc.NSCD-3

The girl from Ipanema (C.Jobim)
Blue Monk (T.Monk)
Don't forget (G.P.Redi)
Days of wine and roses (H.Mancini)
Stars fell on Alabama (F.Perkins)

Summer samba (M.S.Valle)

<img src="copertina.jpg" alt="tales from mexico">

Lello Scassa Duo - "Tales from Mexico " - 2001 Newk Sound Productions,Inc.NSCD-4
rec. live at Euro jazz festival Mexico city - L.Scassa t.sax, Carlos de la Torre piano

In a sentimental mood (D.Ellington)
Isen't she lovely (S.Wonder))
The nearness of you (H.Carmicael))
Stars fell on Alabama (F.Perkins)
Days of wine and roses (H.Mancini)
Corcovado (C.Jobim)

<img src="copertina.jpg" alt="the sinatra songbook">

Lello Scassa Duo - "The Sinatra songbook" - 2002 Newk Sound Productions,Inc.NSCD-5

All this and heaven too (J.Van Heusen)
Why try to change me now (Mc Cartley)
Dancing in the dark (A.Swartz)
It's always you (J.Van Heusen)
Just as though you were here (De Lange)

Yours in my heart alone (F.Lear)
They didn't believe me (J.Kern)

<img src="copertina.jpg" alt="old flames">

Lello Scassa Quintet - "Old flames" - 2008 Newk Sound Productions,Inc.NSCD-6

Why try to change me now (Mc Cartley)
I'll see you again (N.Coward)
I wish I knew (H.Warren)
I'm getting sentimental over you (G.Bassman)
After you've gone (T.Layton)

<img src="copertina.jpg" alt="prisoner of love">

Lello Scassa Duo - "Prisoner of love" - 2008 Newk Sound Productions,Inc.NSCD-7
Lello Scassa meets Leo Cancellieri

Prisoner of love (R.Columbo)
Lady bird (T.Dameron)
Everything happens to me (M.Dennis)
I hear a rhapsody (G.Fragos)
I've never been in love before (F.Loesser)

Someday I'll find you (N.Coward)

<img src="copertina.jpg" alt="i should care">

Lello Scassa Quartet - "I should care" - 2009 Newk Sound Productions,Inc.NSCD-8

I should care (Weston)

There will never be another you (Gordon)
Falling il love with love
I hear a rhapsody (G.Fragos)
Someday I'll find you (N.Coward)

Like someone in love (I.Berlin)
Lady bird (T.Dameron)

<img src="copertina.jpg" alt="one for newk">

Lello Scassa Quartet - "One for Newk" - 2010 Newk Sound Productions,Inc.NSCD-9

They say it's wonderful (I.Berlin)
I should care (Weston)
Someday I'll find you (N.Coward)
Like someone in love (I.Berlin)
I've never been in love before (F.Loesser)
I hear a rhapsody (G.Fragos)

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